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Flight Instruction

Looking for an experienced and competent flight instructor? 

Clear Air Aviation at Akron Jesson Field has several experienced, FAA certified flight instructors available to teach you how to fly. Our goal at Akron Jesson Field is to provide our students with a safe, productive, and efficient learning experience. We understand the time and financial commitment you are making when learning to fly and we know what it takes to fulfill your aviation dreams. Whether you are interested in flying for personal enjoyment or becoming an airline pilot, your Akron Jesson Field flight instructor will work with you to provide a flight training program that fits your individual needs and experience level. We do not use a, rigid, one size fits all program, and expect the student to adapt. While these programs are often promoted as beneficial to the student in reality they typically benefit the flight school and/or flight instructor. After meeting with you and determining your experience level and aviation goals, your FAA certified flight instructor will design a training plan, consistent with FAA regulations, that is cost effective and enjoyable. Of course your safety will always be first and foremost in that plan.

The flight instructors listed here will provide you with safe, enjoyable flight training in an environment conducive to learning. They would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.

Our Highly Regarded Flight Instructors

Dennis Borkowski , CFI 

Dennis is a FAA licensed Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor specializing in vintage tailwheel aircraft. Dennis has been a CFI since 1969 and is available to train you in your own tailwheel aircraft. He is Akron Jesson Field's tail wheel expert with over 5000 hours of tailwheel experience and over 9000 hours of total flight time. Dennis is arguably the most experienced tailwheel instructor in WNY! Call 

Make Your Dream of Flight a Reality With Clear Air Aviation, (716) 542-4607


Learn to Fly With the Most Experienced Flight Instructors in Western New York!

Learn to fly with one of Western New York's most successful team of flight instructors. Clear Air Aviation has a proven track record of successfully training pilots of all skill levels, and is home to the largest collaboration of flight instructors that work in Airline, Corporate and Military sectors of the business, giving them an unsurpassed level of real world knowledge and experience. More student pilots complete their flight training with Clear Air Aviation than the national average and other local flight schools because of a dedication to the art of flight instruction and unparalleled experience.  Also, Clear Air Aviation's aircraft rental rates are among the lowest of Western New York flight schools.

Learning to fly is unlike any other endeavor you will take on, and you deserve nothing but the highest quality flight training. At Clear Air Aviation, quality flight training at a reasonable cost is not just a goal, it's a reality. 

We offer normal one-on-one scheduled training sessions that fit your schedule, as well as personalized accelerated multi-session daily training to help you finish training fast!

Recurrent and advanced training is also available.

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